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Box To Go is a service for a community of people who are not professional curriers. These people want to pass some stuffs to their relatives or friends or whoever they want comfortable and without routine. People, on the other hand, want to compensate for a daily bus fare or even make some money with just grab of a package of a neighbor and deliver it on the way to own work, study or a walk.

Community member who passes some package (hereinafter «Sender») uses "Box To Go" iOS app to involve another community members to deliver the package. Delivery with "Box To Go" is comfortable from the defined place for example a home or an office with no control and documentation. 

Community member who delivers the package (hereinafter «Courier») offers assistance in delivery if he/she is within walking distance from the Sender location. A delivery Recipient should be located on the way of Courier. The Courier gets money compensation from the Sender (e.g. for bus fare). For personal safety reasons the delivery goes "from front door to front door", the Courier no comes inside a building.

For community member registration a full name, a photo, a phone number, a bank card, Facebook account are required. 

The Sender sets delivery parameters – size and weight of the package, timing – ASAP or during the day and an estimated cost of the package. 

The Recipient must declare a readiness to take the delivery and only thereafter the delivery process will start.

The Courier prepares and places a bid for the delivery. The bid includes terms of delivery and an amount of the compensation in money. The Courier calculates the amount in his / her own reasons. The Sender gets a number of bids from Couriers located next to the Sender and makes a choice. The chosen Courier grabs the package. 

The Courier’s compensation amount automatically increase on 15% of the service fee - hereinafter «Final amount». The Final amount will be displayed for all the participants. The Sender will be charged with the Final amount when delivery will be completed.  

When the package passes from the Sender to the Courier – the amount of the estimated cost of the package is blocked on courier’s bank card, also the amount of the compensation (the Final amount) is blocked on bank card of the Sender.

When the package passes from the Courier to the Recipient – the amount of the estimated cost of the package releases and becomes available again on courier’s bank card, also the amount of the compensation (the Final amount minus 15%) transfers to the bank card of the Courier, also 15% of the Final amount transfers to the bank account of the "Box To Go" service.

Company Goals

Project Milestone #1 – duration 18 weeks:

  • Create Box To Go iOS app

  • Advertising the Box To Go in Kiev, Ukraine (city with a population of over 3000,000 individuals)

  • Launch the Box To Go in Kiev, Ukraine

Project Milestone #2 – duration 24 weeks:

  • Launch the Box To Go in the USA

  • Launch Box To Go in the EU

  • Launch cross-platform mobile Box To Go app.

What We Need & What You Get

  • We need $25 000 to complete Project Milestone #1 

  • We are planning completeProject Milestone #2 with funding from the profits of the Box To Go service fee from Kiev's region.

  • $25 000 is the equivalent of 45% of cost the Box To Go (1st launching) 

  • 45% of the Service fee for the first 18 months will be transferred to the Investor.

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